Johnsys Optic

Nythew Solutions offers Johnsys Optic a complete solution for any Optical shop. We can guarantee that our software will help you to easily perform all the essential shop management tasks with ease. The solution is developed so as to help in managing stock handling, accountings, supplier and customer details.

Our online software, is available on all Windows machines in the offline mode too.

Here are some of the features of “Johnsys Optic”:

Supplier information and its management like purchases made from them and their stock available, etc.

Lens management and its inventory for various lens types of various powers like SPH,CYL,AXIS for DV & NV.

Contact lens Management & its inventory.

Inventory of all types of Optical products such as Frames, Sunglasses, Lens, Contact lens, Contact lens solutions, many others.

Barcoding facility - with Barcode printers scanners. Each Frame can be barcoded uniquely to identify it with its Brand, type, price, age, size(Glass Width,Bridge,Pemples), color, material. Barcode sticker content is customizable. Glass(Cylinder, Axis, Near Vision, Distant Vision, Value Addition)

Orderform, Order Delivery, fitting process and its accounts. Aprinted copy of Order form can be issued to the customer to bring it backduring delivery.

Lens(Rx) Ordering to suppliers by Order number module to track which Lens is bought from which vendor.

Billing at the counter with/without Barcode scanners.

Debit note & credit note mechanism to handle purchase returns& sales returns respectively.

Physical stock verification module traces back the stolen frames,sunglasses and others. This important POLICING module saves huge costs for the optician by avoiding theft in shop. Also makes staff more accountable& responsible.

Accounting reports for various business intelligence requirement. May be day ledger, stock ledger, accounts book, category wise sales, Month wise, year wise and many more.

Customer history by their Name, Date of Birth, Customer code, Previous dealings and power prescriptions.

Automatic Eye testing Recall facility by E-mails, SMS.

Classification of customers under different categories like Contact lens, Bifocal, progressive & others are possible.(CRM module)

Sales offer communication to existing customers.

Optometrists module to enter refraction details of customer.

Security of data by Multiple Login users to manage different Access permissions of the software. Enables Managers and other employees to use different parts of the software.

Automatic backup facility as a data security strategy.

Centralized management – Online and Offline

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