Johnsys Medi-Lab

Nythew Solutions offers Johnsys Medi-Lab, a solution for medical diagnostic labs. This will help in keeping proper medical data of patients who come to the lab to get examined. This coupled with our standard features will make it an essential part of any Medical-Diagnostic Lab.

Our online software, is available on all Windows machines in the offline mode too.

Here are some of the features of “Johnsys Medi Lab”:

A proper system to ensure that patients are examined on a First Come First Serve basis. This will also ensure that operations are much smoother and more efficient.

Our billing software will ensure easy and fast billing to prevent unnecessary delays at the billing counter.

If required, we can ensure that a proper system is developed for maintaining patient records. This can be an additional service that you offer to patients. This can even be online for the patients, so that patients can retrieve this data from anywhere in the world.

Do not worry over the convoluted procedures for GST billing.

Ensure that your transactions are reconciled real-time automatically.

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