Johnsys KOT

Kitchen Order Ticket (KOT) is a written form of the customer’s orders at a restaurant, which is given to the kitchen to prepare. The order is then prepared on the basis of the KOT.

Here at Nythew Solutions, we have developed an app, to ensure this process is more efficient and streamlined. The app is installed to a tab which the waiter carries around. When an order is placed, the waiter writes it down in the tab and this order immediately goes to the kitchen over the restaurant’s wifi and is prepared on a “First Come First Serve” (FCFS).

This sort of a system helps:

  • Prevent mix-up of orders
  • Ensure orders are served much faster than by the normal method
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Real – time monitoring across the restaurant chain.

Our online software, is available on all Windows machines in the offline mode too.

Here are some of the features of “Johnsys KOT”:
  • Monitor fast-moving items, Non moving items
  • Allow extensive on screen inquiries such as item costs, prices, on-hand quantities, back order quantities
  • Inventory history
  • Inventory Re-ordering and Quotations Sending
  • Inventory details on Category and Sub category wise
  • Listing of Expiry details
  • Monitor inventory movements by tracking in detailed fashion
  • Allow prepayment of invoice
  • Allows extensive on-screen inquiries such as balances, aging, and invoice history
  • Tracking uncollected and payable bills
  • Maintaining partial payments for any invoice
  • Flexible aged Payables and Receivables
  • Manage multiple pricing levels. Promotional pricing or customer specific pricing
  • In just a few mouse click or keystrokes you can enter your sale and produce a receipt. provide quick and accurate information on sales, Inventory, and customers
  • Discount handled automatically with line level/ invoice level
  • Handles fractional quantities and mixed units of measure with different units for purchasing, selling and stocking
  • Easy to make Purchase and Sales reports for GST/VAT filing
  • Easy to use, Super security
  • On-line Account Posting, Minimum data entry
  • Quick and Accurate Stock monitoring
  • Instant feed back on inventory
  • All reports are M.S Office, Pdf Compatible

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